Help Teach CF and Win!

This site is about teaching how to code with CFML, and it will be only as good as the content the community experts provide. To help "encourage" community participation in this effort we have teamed up with Adobe to run our first (of hopefully many) tutorial contest. Thanks to Rakshith and the Adobe ColdFusion team the top prize will be $300! That'll help pay off some of your Christmas debt :).

In addition to the $300 grand prize, Adobe has kindly offered a Free ColdFusion Builder license to ALL participants that have tutorials accepted into the contest. See below for details on how tutorials are accepted.

How to Play

The contest is quite simple, you have from December 4, 2013 until 5pm PST January 31st 2014 to submit a tutorial. Each tutorial must be approved by me (Abram Adams, the guy who runs this site) to be qualified for the contest. Submit as many tutorials as you want, but please keep it real. We don't want a bunch of crap just so you can enter-to-win.

How to Win

The winner will be selected based on how "good" their tutorial is. The "good" factor will be determined by myself and my 16 year old son Sabin. If your tutorial makes sense to me and teaches what I would consider a "good practice" (based on 14 years of looking at bad code) _AND_ my 16 year old can follow it without asking me questions, then I will consider it for the winner. If there is a tie, I will randomly pick a tutorial to break the tie.

I reserve the right to choose whatever tutorial I think was best. That doesn't mean I will choose the one that teaches on the most complicated topic, but rather the one that conveys the lesson in a clear, intuitive way. Utilize the features of such as code unit testing and solutions. For example, the Introducing Variables tutorial has a quiz at the end using the unit tests to check the student's code and provides feedback if they muck it up.

If you have a question about how to do something in your tutorial, ask me. The answer may be: "we can't do that yet", or "hmm, good idea. I'll implement that now...", but chances are there may already be a way to accomplish what you are stuck on.

Good Luck to Everyone!