About TryCF.com

This site has been been in my head for quite a while now. It all started when I began teaching my eldest son concepts of programming, and web development in particular.

Teaching him HTML/CSS/JavaScript has been rather easy - open Sublime Text, type in the code, save then open the file in your browser. Instant gratification (or frustration). When it got to the subject of doing back-end stuff I naturally wanted to show him how easy CFML is. Unfortunately he didn't have a dev environment setup on his laptop, which for him made it a non-starter. He is familiar with online learning. Tools like CodeCademy.com, TryRuby.org, JSFiddle have been an easy way for him to get his feet wet in several technologies. Unfortunately that just didn't exist for CF. So, I did what any dad would do and I started right away on developing TryCF.com.

The primary goal of this site is to remove barriers. Make it as simple as possible to get a taste for CF. Sure Railo Express is easy to download and run, but not as easy as opening your browser and typing. Try before you buy (or download for free).

I need your help!

This site is designed to be community driven. I'm busy making tutorial content for it, but I'm just one guy and do this on my "free-time", of which with 2 jobs and 4 kids there's not much to spare.

If you have an idea for a tutorial, or even an entire course - contact me! Any site is only worth the sum of it's content, so please share your knowledge and help to build up our little CF community. You'll get full props for your contributions and will be helping to raise the next generation of web devs.


Looking for ways to support TryCF.com?

You can now contribute to the project by sending a one-time gift of any increment of $25 or support the project monthly by becoming a Patron. Your gifts are much appreciated and will help keep TryCF.com the awesome resource it is!

Just so you know.

This site is built using the following technologies and frameworks/libraries:
Server Side
Client Side
  • jQuery (duh)
  • AngularJS (editor is a custom directive, cool huh. It's like CF custom tags for the client.)
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Various JS plugins - mostly jQuery